Hi, I am Vanessa Withers...

...and I would love to have to honor of photographing you and your family!

Some of my favorite titles include Mommy, wife, and photographer.

I have three little ones, Mackenzie age 9, Carter age 8, and Thomas age 5 and I am married to my best friend. 


 Just a few fun facts about me: 

I have a husband, father, son, uncle, and father-in-law all named Thomas! (makes it super easy to introduce them all.)

I run on coffee... 

I am addicted to Schitts Creek...

I am always a week away from starting to really workout!

My world revolves around my family, and my photography is my mental vice from the chaos.

​Withers Photography is located in Evans, Georgia and is solely owned by me. I consider my photography to be more than just pictures, it is an art form that freezes important moments and creates precious mementos. My goal is to provide you with one of a kind sessions filled with individuality and fun. I provide all of the props for my sessions with the exception of personal or heirloom items. I will work with you to custom tailor your session and create images beyond your expectations. 


I am always so excited when I have an appointment with Vanessa! The wait to see what she captured is almost torture but when she reveals the finished product it takes my breath away every time. Very patient and creative with family groups and littles.


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